Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Caraluzzi's CARE?
    CARE stands for Customer Appreciation & Rewards Every day! We developed the program as a way to say thank you to our shoppers with exclusive savings. Here are some features:

    • Receive CARE rewards on select items in-store.
    • Gain access to exclusive, limited sale opportunities.
    • Get special coupons on the items you buy the most. Don’t worry, no clipping is required! All coupons are selected online through your CARE account and saved to the card.
    • Receive notices on product recalls.
    • Quick and easy handling of returns or credits.
    • Keep track of your receipts.

    All discounts are applied at the register. CARE rewards are added to your CARE digital wallet after a transaction. Through your CARE account you can also view past purchases and monitor your digital wallet.
  • How do I become a member of Caraluzzi's CARE?
    There are several easy ways to sign up for a Caraluzzi's CARE card.

    1. Express
      • At the register - simply give your phone number to our cashier to receive your card, and then complete enrollment online to start saving. Enrollment must be completed online before card is activated.
      • Online - Sign up ahead of time online. We will then send you an email with a confirmation number. Bring either a printed copy or display the email on your smart phone at the courtesy desk next time you are in-store to receive your CARE card.
    2. In-store Kiosk or Courtesy Desk.
      • Take a few minutes to complete total enrollment at an in-store kiosk.
  • Do I have to be a CARE member to shop in the store and get your everyday sale prices?
    No. Our everyday low prices and weekly sale items are guaranteed for all our shoppers, but as a CARE member you will gain access to additional savings not in our weekly flyer, savings clubs and special money saving promotions.
  • Is CARE available at all Caraluzzi's stores?
    CARE is available at all Caraluzzi's supermarket locations. Due to restrictions enforced by CT state law, the CARE program, points and coupons cannot be applied to our liquor superstore.

    You will, however, find great weekly sales at our liquor store that are unassociated with the CARE program. Check our weekly flyer for this week's sales.
  • What personal information will be requested and required to sign up?
    You will be asked for your name, email, phone number, address, city, zip code and a few of your interests. We ask for these interests to help us better identify what offers and coupons you would like to receive. We will never share or sell this information to other parties. See our privacy policy for more information.
  • I don't have access to a computer, how can I register?
    If you do not have access to a computer at home, visit the customer service desk in-store. A clerk will assist you in signing up for the program.
  • How many emails will I receive each week if I sign up for Caraluzzi's CARE?
    CARE members will receive a weekly email with that week’s sale items and other promotions. Our weekly email flyer is a great way to keep on top of our sales. You will also receive periodic emails to make you aware of exclusive, limited sales, events and product recall info. We send these emails on an as-needed basis, and not by any regular schedule, so know you will only receive emails for exclusive, time sensitive deals. If you wish to opt out of these emails, your email preferences can be managed from your CARE account online.
  • Can each family member have their own CARE account?
    One family member per household must sign up as the primary account holder. From there, other family members can be added to the account as secondary users. Each user is given their own card, and all points, sales and in-store credit will be shared amongst household members.
  • How many CARE cards do I get when I sign up?
    One CARE card for yourself: either a wallet card or key chain card. Secondary users will have different card numbers, but each secondary card will link back to the household account that was originally established by the primary account holder. You can also input your CARE card into Key Ring or Card Star apps on your smart phone, or use your phone number at the register.
  • What is the CARE digital wallet?
    The digital wallet is like an in-store savings account. When you purchase CARE rewards items you will receive rewards for use on future purchases. Allow these rewards to grow, and put it towards big in-store purchases, or use weekly to shave a little off your grocery bill.
  • How can I see my CARE digital wallet balance?
    Here are a few ways that you can see your CARE digital wallet balance:

    1. Ask your cashier for your balance once you scan your CARE card at the register.
    2. Check the balance printed at the bottom of your receipt when you shop.
    3. Log-in to your account online or via your smart phone, iPad, Kindle, etc.
  • Can I "cash out" my CARE digital wallet balance?
    Your CARE digital wallet balance is not redeemable for cash. We cannot give you cash for the balance in your account, but you can use the balance in your digital wallet to purchase items in-store.
  • What can I spend my CARE digital wallet balance on?
    You can spend your digital wallet balance on anything in our stores excluding lottery tickets, cigarettes, alcohol, gift cards, postage stamps and any other items that are prohibited by law.
  • Can I use a portion of my CARE digital wallet, or do I need to spend it all at one time?
    You can splurge and spend it all at once, or you can use a little at a time. Your CARE rewards balance is completely under your control.
  • When I redeem my CARE offers why do I have to show photo ID?
    To protect your in-store credit, a cashier will ask for your ID when using your digital wallet. This is to prevent fraud or theft of your balance.
  • Can I view my receipts online?
    Approximately 15 minutes after your transaction in the store is complete, you will be able to view your receipt online through your CARE account. Receipts will only be stored for the past 120 days.
  • How does your recall notification system work?
    When a product that we carry is recalled, you will be notified via email. If you purchased that item within the period that the compromised product was sold, your digital wallet will be automatically credited with the value of the recalled product.

    Our recall is dependent on notification from the manufacturer and/or wholesale based on the production number. This will only encompass class I or class II recalls as defined by the FDA. We will only credit your account automatically if we have received the product in the recall, usually determined by production number and date.
  • How does the credit for product returns work?
    As a CARE member, we can easily credit your CARE account with the value of the item you are returning by simply looking up your account number. No need to bring in the receipt.
  • What if I lose my card?
    Stop by the courtesy desk and we can assign you a new card. We will also deactivate the used card so that it cannot be used any further.

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